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Apparel for Your Thoughts was born of the idea that each of us has had one piece of advice given to us from someone special to us that has changed our lives, that we share with others in their time of need or as a tool they can use to grow.

Each shirt has a story behind it and a real person. These Tees are not brand slogans, but wisdom gleaned from people that honours a part of who they become, or someone they have loved.

Come inside and find the idea that suits who you are, your beliefs, or find an idea to change your life…

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We believe in Changing Lives

10% of all profits is going to KIVA to continue the mission of changing lives and helping those in need get on their feet for a better tomorrow.

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Share your wisdom or funny thought and you could get your T-shirt designed (receive a T-shirt ) and shared with the world!!!

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